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Alarm/notification for a failed backup job

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In Veeam ONE there is an alarm called 'Backup job state'. It's usefule to notify about backup jobs that have some backup errors in them. What this alarm is missing, is suspending the alarm until the retries have been done by VBR. Most of the time in our environment the automatic retries result in success for the few vm's that had error in the first run.

I don't seen any possibility to tell the alarm to wait and see how the retry goes. The alarm that Veeam ONE had for this purpose in earlier versions were event based on event (VeeamBpBackupSessionErrorEvent) and that alarm did wait until the retries had completed. It seems to me that the event based alarm, is going to be discontinued. Is that so?

Is there a way to make the 'Backup job state' alarm wait for the retries of a job?


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Re: Alarm/notification for a failed backup job

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Hi Jóhannes,

Currently, there is no way to revert this behavior back for the given alarm. We will discuss it with the RnD team and will try to address this in the next major release.

On a side note, you can try creating (duplicating) this alarm by creating a new event-based alarm scoped to the backup server. The trigger for this alarm should be this event (ID 190). As far as I remember, event ID 190 is not triggered for retries, so it can serve as a workaround for now.


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