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Backup Alarms - Excluding Backup Jobs

Post by paallergy »

Tip for excluding alarms based on the backup job name

I have a backup job where the size of the incremental backup can vary widely, which triggers the "Suspicious incremental backup size" alarm.
When I edited exclusions for the alarm, I didn't see an option to pick backup jobs.
I discovered, however, that I can exclude a backup job using the Job name field in the Rule.
The default value for Job name is * (all jobs).
I used a negative lookahead regular expression:

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^(?!Backup Job - Special)
The above expression will exclude this alarm for the backup job "Backup Job - Special".

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Re: Backup Alarms - Excluding Backup Jobs

Post by wishr »

Hi Jonathan,

To exclude the job "Backup Job - Special" you should write the following in the Job name field of the rule.

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Backup Job - Special
Your example won't work as we use masks here, not regular expressions.


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