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Best practices for locked account in V1

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As I posted in a different thread, our account which connects V1 to 9 different VBRs was disabled, then the password was changed. We stopped all the services on the V1 box. What is the order of straightening everything out - change the password for each VBR defined on the V1 box, then restart the 3 services (i guess that doesn't work)? Is there anything else, with Veeam One, that I'm missing? And I guess I have to change the password for each of the 3 services, in windows services. Anywhere else? (In a bit of a panic)

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Re: Best practices for locked account in V1

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I'm not sure what you mean with "best practices"... the credentials must be correct (like for any software that is using passwords somewhere).

If you changed the passwords of the account that connects to VBR, then you need to fix the credentials for VBR connection: in ONE client -> data protection view -> right click "connection settings"
If you changed the password for the account that is running the Veeam ONE services, then you need to fix the credentials in services.msc

Veeam ONE services must be running to configure Veeam ONE connection settings to VBR (stating the obvious to avoid confusion as I do not fully understand your panic).

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Re: Best practices for locked account in V1

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Yes, service accounts and accounts for connections to the monitored infrastructure components are two completely different things.

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