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Change Veeam ONE monitored host name or IP

Post by labsy » Nov 07, 2017 12:17 am


I am using Veeam ONE to monitor multiple hosts via PUBLIC WAN IP address, each host having port 443 NAT-ed to different public port.
But the problem is that Veeam ONE shows the same public IP for all hosts and I can hardly distinguish between them.

Is there any option, maybe registry hack to RENAME hosts from IP to some more friendly name?

Temporary workaround...but I loose historical data doing so:
- I can add multiple FQDN in my local hosts file, all pointing to the same public IP, for example:
- then I add HOST1 as an entry for Veeam ONE monitoring, and select host1's REDIRECTED PORT
- doing so, I will have Friendly NAmes for my hosts, which is fine, if I do it from begining.

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Re: Change Veeam ONE monitored host name or IP

Post by Shestakov » Nov 07, 2017 4:01 pm

Hi Andrej,
It`s a pretty rare when people use NAT for hosts, in general hosts are added by FQDN or static IP addresses, so we don`t provide such an option.
Your workaround looks nice and I think that`s the easiest way. I can also think of changing host display names in SQL, but that`s more valnurable.

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