Errors experts guide me

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Errors experts guide me

Veeam Logoby risingflight » Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:37 pm

Hi everyone, I am new to vmware and so experts help me as i dont want to make mistakes as the VM's are in production.

On one of my VM i am getting error
Memory Swapped" (65 MB) is above a defined threshold (64 MB)
What does this error mean and how to troubleshoot.

On second VM i am getting error
Datastore Highest Latency" (75 ms) is above a defined threshold (75 ms)
How to trouble shoot this isse

One one of my esxi host i am getting error
The host is swapping too much memory
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Re: Errors experts guide me

Veeam Logoby Shestakov » Sat Dec 19, 2015 9:21 pm

All alarms have description and resolution fields describing possible reasons and actions to resolve. Please take a look.

In your first case applications inside VM demand much more memory than the VM has, so overhead is swapped to the disk. Probably VM is undersized. I would consider running Undersized VMs report to check it and get statistics-based suggestion of how much memory to add.
Are these VMs running on the ESXi host you`ve mentioned?

Regarding the second case, do you experience the problem during backup activity? I would go to Veeam ONE Monitor and check the stats for the datastore to find out if the pikes appear periodically and if they are bound with backup activity. You may leverage Datastore Latency control.

And once again, I would suggest to check alarm`s description.
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