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Email alerts are still hot garbage.

Post by KimmoJ » Sep 26, 2019 6:21 am

I figured I'd put in a friendly, non-inflammatory headline that shouldn't offend anyone... :D

But yeah, email alerts are still full of all kinds of irrelevant crap, first of all. The subject line is silly, everything starts with a lot of unnecessary info about it coming from Veeam One Monitor - I know that. I can see that from the sender address. I don't need it on the subject line.

Then, it always says "Alarm". That's good if it is an Alarm, I want that first on the line and front and center, because clearly it's something I need to take action on.

Except of course, even notifications of a RESOLVED alarm say "Alarm". What? It should say Resolved. Not Alarm. The information that it is resolved is literally almost at the end of the line, not front and center.

And of course, the email itself if full of fluff and irrelevant stuff and the information is poorly organized. The status line should be on the very first line, not way down in the middle somewhere. All the other information should be added below in priority order. Time and date after the alert, perhaps, followed by details about the unit and then so on down the line.

The emails convey the information, sure, they just do it very poorly with pretty formatting apparently more important than conveying information quickly, cleanly, conscisely. This has been the case for years now. These aren't marketing emails, they're notifications.

And it's not like changing it could be hard, it's literally just some formatting. Hell, give admins a way to format them with an editor and variables like %AlertType% or %Object% so people can choose how they look; this may be a little more work than changing text but probably not beyond the Veeam dev team.

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Re: Email alerts are still hot garbage.

Post by Shestakov » Sep 26, 2019 12:00 pm 1 person likes this post

Hello Kimmo

Thanks for the detailed feedback. No offence taken :)

Before we go through the details, let me ask you if you have checked an option to Edit Email Template.

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