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FIX - SMTP server connection every 10 seconds

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#4: Frequent connection attempts to the configured SMTP server after the upgrade
Symptoms: Veeam ONE attempts to connect to the configured SMTP server every 10 seconds.
Cause: Issue in the communication logic. Issue ID 302303.
Status: Please, contact our customer support for applying a hotfix.

I opened a ticket but it was closed.
Veeam Support Case 04736003 is Closed.
Unfortunately, due to high Support Team load we were unable to process your request...
Can someone please share the fix?

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Re: FIX - SMTP server connection every 10 seconds

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Hi Jeff,

Per our support policy, access to hotfixes, patches, and updates requires an active maintenance contract. Users of Community, Free and NFR licensed products receive fixes by downloading periodic generally available product releases.

If you apply a hotfix to a product instance not having a license with active maintenance the product will stop functioning until you either revert the hotfix or install a license with active maintenance.


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