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Host Memory Pages Usage

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We have a client that has a Hyper-V cluster. The cluster members are Windows 2019 and the guests are 2016 or 2019.

At night, when backups start using Backup and Replication, we start getting tons of emails like this from Veeam One:

Alarm: Host Memory Pages Usage
Details: Pages/sec (2472.0 Number) is above a defined threshhold (1500.0 number0).

I consider this normal since backups are running and all the backup processes have been moved out to disk during the day and backups only run at night. My business partner is convinced we need to take DRASTIC action by either staggering backups to happen across the entire day, double the size of the Windows Swap File, or something because, as he puts it, all these page faults are "murdering the hard drives."

So, my friends, which way do we go and what suggestions do you have? Again, we don't get the page fault emails during the day - only when backups run.


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Re: Host Memory Pages Usage

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Hello James,
If you consider this normal you can just suppress the alarms for the time of backup activities.

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