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How to disable VeeamONE server auto-update?

Post by anandhak »

How to disable VeeamONE server auto-update?

In our case, We believe the auto-update feature was enabled on the VeeamONE server, and whenever Veeam releases new updates, they are installed automatically on the VeeamONE server. Due to that, we are getting the error message "Your veeam one monitor server version is not compatible with the specified veeam one server" while accessing the VeeamONE client application. Would you please share any admin guides, knowledge base articles, or forum discussions on how to disable the auto-update feature in VeeamONE?
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Re: How to disable VeeamONE server auto-update?

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Hi Anandha

Welcome to the forum.

I'm not aware of an auto upgrade feature in Veeam One. Also our user guide doesn't mention Auto Upgrade capability at all.
If the Veeam One server was updated by someone manually, Veeam One Client must be upgraded also on each machine where you have installed it: ... ml?ver=110

You may check with our support what happened in your environment. Install Logs should tell us that exactly.

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