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[UPDATE 4] Top issues tracker

Post by Shestakov » Feb 04, 2019 3:44 pm 4 people like this post

This topic contains all Update 4 regressions which resulted in 3 or more support cases created.

Last updated: February 14th

#1: Veeam ONE cannot connect to the database after the upgrade to Update 4
Symptoms: Veeam ONE Monitor client shows configuration issue “SQL Server connection failure”. Monitoring is not available.
Cause: The issue is caused by the incorrect “InstallationDate” value format in the Veeam ONE database.
Status: Hotfix is available through support.

#2: Unable to upgrade Veeam ONE to Update 4 due to the error message
Symptoms: The error message during the upgrade “The error during the upgrade to U4: Error 1327. Invalid Drive V:\”.
Cause: Performance cache folder is not available.
Status: Make sure that the folder location is correct by checking the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Veeam\Veeam ONE Monitor\Service\DiskPerfCachePath.

#3: Cannot install license file after upgrade to U4
Symptoms: The Veeam ONE Monitor client says, “Unable to load license: License signature is invalid”.
Cause: The root certificate is not installed on the Veeam ONE server to validate the license file.
Status: To fix the issue, install “VeriSign Universal Root Certification Authority” certificate on the Veeam ONE server.

#4: Performance data cannot be collected from the SCVMM server and its objects
Symptoms: Veeam ONE 9.5 Update 4 cannot obtain performance data from the SCVMM server due to the error message in the logs: Unable to cast object of type 'PerfHelperAPI.MoRef' to type 'PerfHelperAPI.IPerfQuerySpecByTime'.
Cause: The issue occurs when some of the Hyper-V infrastructure objects were excluded from the monitoring.
Status: Contact Veeam Support to get the hotfix.

#5: High CPU usage on the Veeam Backup&Replication 9.5 Update 3/3a server after upgrading Veeam ONE to Update 4
Symptoms: High CPU usage on backup server after upgrading Veeam ONE to U4.
Cause: One of the WMI queries from the Veeam ONE server causes the issue.
Status: The hotfix is underway.

#6: Updating to U4 error: Subquery returned more than 1 value
Symptoms: Updating process fails with the mentioned error.
Cause: Two or more alarms have the same internal number.
Status: Contact Veeam Support to get the solution.

#7: Object Properties Collection Task status: Failed to retrieve empty storage controller list for Hyper-V host.
Symptoms: Object Properties Collection Task returned error or warning with this message in the session details.
Cause: To be defined.
Status: Contact Veeam Support to investigate the issue.

#8: Business View grouping expression raise an error “invalid expression” if the length is longer than 25 rows.
Symptoms: Grouping expression doesn’t work and the editor highlights the expression with red with the mentioned error.
Cause: To be defined.
Status: Contact Veeam Support to investigate the issue.


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