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Veeam One as a SNMP TRAP Receiver

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Hi every One,

I want to integrate Veeam One and Icinga2 which is a bit complicated because Icinga doesn´t handle directly a SNMP TRAP, so, I want to ask for help, I have searched for info but I did´nt find anything. I really need to integrate this two applications, so, I wanted to Configure Veeam One as a SNMP TRAP Receiver from Icinga, I have questions:

1) is it possible? can I configure Veeam One as a SNMP receiver.
2)is there documentation about it?

thanks for your help

Egor Yakovlev
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Re: Veeam One as a SNMP TRAP Receiver

Post by Egor Yakovlev »

Hi Oscar,

Veeam One can act as an SNMP sender only.
There is no way to receive notifications from other apps in the product.


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Re: Veeam One as a SNMP TRAP Receiver

Post by wishr »

Hi Oscar,

Veeam ONE is not a receiver itself, but it is capable of sending SNMP traps to a receiver.

Another integration option is to create a script that will write alarms data to a location, assign it to all alarms, then a 3rd-party app can consume the alarms data from this source.


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