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VeeamONE reporting Veeam B&R License count exceeded

Post by Slater »

I'm having an issue in VeeamONE where it's reporting my license count is exceeded in Veeam B&R, however when logging into Veeam B&R, the license count is fine and B&R is showing I am 50 instance under what I am currently licensed for.

I suspect this is in part due to a recent removal of an old vCenter server, where I migrated all the VMs to a new vCenter, but those VMs were double counted in Veeam B&R after the old vCenter was removed. I revoked the duplicate licenses and removed the old vCenter from VeeamONE as well as ran the cleanup, however VeeamONE maintains I am over on license count. I can find no reference in VeeamONE or in Veeam B&R to the old vCenter, and am not sure how to get VeeamONE to report the correct number of used instance. Veeam B&R does report correctly which is frustrating. I've been working closely with support for several weeks, to no avail.

Veeam case ID: 04184545

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: VeeamONE reporting Veeam B&R License count exceeded

Post by wishr »

Hi Nate,

This is indeed strange because the license usage data is pulled from B&R directly. I've asked support management to have a look at the case and will also keep an eye on it myself.


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