Disaster recovery orchestration for the Enterprise (formerly Veeam Availability Orchestrator)
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VDRO 6a Patch timeline?

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We have an issue we have been working with Veeam support since March 11 (05933864). The issue is self generated as we migrated to Veeam 12, VDRO 6, and vmware 8.

The issue briefly, we upgraded our Veeam platform to 12 and 6 in late February following the VDRO 6 release, understanding our loud provider did not yet have their upgrade in place. We anticipated a few days or at most a couple of weeks till that. This did not align with our cloud provider's plans for migration as they typically wait till the first patch prior to changing new versions. As a result, we were unable to perform backup copies to the cloud storage. A few days later we checked on VDRO and noticed everything had errored out and no recovery points could be found. Following support's troubleshooting, it was determined there is a check being performed against the cloud provider's copy of our backups that prevents VDRO from recognizing local recovery points exist.

We've been informed this is going to be fixed in the upcoming 6a. The alternative solution for us is to have the cloud provider upgrade their "platform" to support v12.

Is there a drop date for the 6a patch that will include the fix to ignore cloud hosted backup copies?

Our local, CDP, DR, and other cloud copy jobs are still working well however Orchestration has been broken for almost 2 months which had had everyone on edge.

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Re: VDRO 6a Patch timeline?

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Hello, our VRO 6a version will release together with VBR 12a, as there are various feature interdependencies. These updates are more than just a patch and contain new features too. We cannot share a detailed release date however it's planned for later this year.
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