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DynCoda Error after OpenView SPI Install

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Error: After the install of VMware SPI for HP Operations Manger from the console that alerts from the node where the VIC is installed: "initialization of policy DynCODA failed (OpC30-727).

Cause: This is an error in the initialization of the Agent.

Resolution: The agent maybe a version before the 8.53.7 release. In order to resolve this issue is to upgrade the HP Operation Manager Agent to version 8.53.7 or later. A common process we use is to:
1. Uninstall the Agent components through Add/Remove Programs on the Collector System.
2. Delete References to the Node from the OVO management Server.
3. Redeploy the Agent.
4. Re-issue the security certificate to allow the Agent and Management Server to work together.
5. Redeploy the instrumentation and policies (including the Adaptive Threshold Policies).
6. HPTool.exe should be used to recreate the VEEAMSPI datasource.


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