VMware monitoring with HP Operations Manager
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Software Installation VmspiOmw8Setup.msi

Post by gcerezo »

Good morning.
I´m installing SPI nworks in my development environment.
In my envelopment environment I have OMW 8.10 with latest patch.
I downloaded a trial version ( Free 30-day evaluation ) of software for "VMware Monitoring with HP Operations Manager" and I have a license for evaluation (veeam_nworks_spi_eval__28.lic ).
But when I try to follow the steps of the manual "spi_for_vmware_for_omw_install_guide_pg.pdf",which indicates the installation of the executable "VmspiOmw8Setup.msi" in the step called "Install the Management Server Component" I can´t find this executable in my trial software "SPIforVMware_500.exe".
Please, where can I get this software?.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards.

Alec King
VP, Product Management
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Re: Software Installation VmspiOmw8Setup.msi

Post by Alec King »

Hi gcerezo,

The file is part of the SPI package - however it is called vmspiomwsetup.msi (without the number '8')

Apologies if our Guide is wrong on that point - I'll get it updated.

Also - please note we have released an update, the latest version is 5.0.2 - I'd recommend you download that package for your eval. It's on veeam.com now.

Hope that answers your question!

Alec King
Vice President, Product Management
Veeam Software


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