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Last night Our data center has Power outage.
After Power restore, All servers are back to online along with Backup server.
I have initiated the Backup job for our servers. But each server incremental backup is taking more than 12 Hours. earlier it was less than 20-30 mins.
I found one message in the job history.

"CBT data is invalid, failing over to legacy incremental backup. No action is required, next job run should start using CBT again. If CBT data remains invalid, follow KB1113 to perform CBT reset. Usual cause is power loss."

It is impacting the production. Please suggest how we can reset the CBT with out impacting VM/production.

Vijay G

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Re: 04307704

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Hi Vijay,

Please find more information about CBT reset in this KB. However, it makes sense to reset CBT only if you notice the warning during each job run.


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Re: 04307704

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It is a typical VMware situation. ESXi Powerloss will leave the CBT file in a corrup state and as we can not use it, we will start in "Snap and Scan" backup where we 100% read the data and will detect changes (backup size is the same, but it will take longer as reported).

To fix this you can work with VMware support or reset the CBT as described above. Then the first run will again process Snap and Scan backup and proceed afterwards with normal incremental forever processing.

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