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1st run of copy job of big machine over slow connection

Post by it@normik.dk »


I need some advice on how to accomplice the following task.
I have a virtual 15TB Redhat server that daily do a forward incremental backup to Repository A. I need to do a copy-job to repository B.
Between the two repositories, there is a 1000Mbps connection.
In office hour, the transfer agent is limited to 500Mbps. Rest of the time unlimited.
To accomplice this I think:
  1. Create a second job on repository A that backs up the Redhat server one time (then disables) and then do a Copy-job of this. When it completes several days after and the backup is on repository B. I’ll delete the secondary job on repository A, edit the primary job to do a copy-job to the one created by the secondary now deleted job? Does it make any sense? Does it involve mapping?
  2. Edit the Redhat job on repository A to do an active full on “First Monday every month” and create a Copy-job. My question is: Will the copy-job use the first created full and let me continue to create my daily forward incremental backup on primary repository or will the copy-job lock the Redhat with a snapshot so that a daily backup cannot be done before the copy-job is completed?.
Do you think any of the two methods will work or do you have another suggestion?


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Re: 1st run of copy job of big machine over slow connection

Post by Shestakov »

Hi Michael and welcome to the forums!

Do you have a chance to move the initial full backup to the secondary repository faster(e.g. over faster network or manually on USB drive)?
Once you have a backup on the target site, you can leverage seeding. All later backups will be incremental and will not take a lot of time to be copied to the target. You may also try to use WAN acceleration.

As for the source backup job, you don`t need to create 2 of them and delete one. One is enough.

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Re: 1st run of copy job of big machine over slow connection

Post by foggy »

I don't think using WAN acceleration on such a fast link is reasonable. Just give the backup copy enough time to complete initial run (should take a couple of days given your link speed).

Backup copy job always copies the latest VM state, please review the corresponding user guide section for better understanding of how backup copy job works. Also, regular backup job has a priority over the backup copy job - if a backup job tries to access files while backup copy job is running, backup server will stop the backup copy job and let backup job create VM restore points. Depending on the backup method used by the regular job, this might not be an issue (f.e., forward incremental backup mode locks only the latest restore point and backup copy job should not be interrupted).

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