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2 veeam servers - Who wins?

Post by nathankim »

I have a situating that is causing issues:

2x Veeam servers with B&R - targeting the 'same VM'

B&R Server A Starts backup
B&R Server B Starts Backup
B&R Server A Finishes backup - and tries to consolidate snapshot - this is where Vsphere reports Unable to Access File since it is locked - and the VM then Displays "Consolidation Needed"

With 2 Veeam servers, they will not be aware of what each other is doing so it is possible for 2 jobs to overlap.

Is this situation standard? and/or supported?

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Re: 2 veeam servers - Who wins?

Post by foggy »

Nathan, allowing two different backup servers running jobs against the same VM without carrying them over in time is not recommended. You're correct that in this case the two servers will not be aware of each other and there will be no coordination between them, causing possible conflicts. So making sure the jobs don't overlap in this case is a best practice. There're no issues in case of different jobs are targeted to the same VM, provided they were created under a single backup server.

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