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3par Storage Snapshot integration vs VVOL

Post by davidburke84 » Aug 17, 2017 1:41 pm

Apologize as this has been covered before, but hasn't been touched on for a few years. Looking for an update on the current version of B&R and VMWare.

We are looking at upgrading from 5.5 update 3 to 6.5 update 1. With the new version comes support for VVOLs. This looks like a nice feature where we wouldn't have to manage datastores any longer and just hand off to a provider.

We are currently running B&R 9.5 update 2. We are using the storage snapshot integration for our backups and right now they fly. As I understand it, if we move to VVOL, we lose Veeam Storage Snapshots (and lighting speed). Can anyone answer if this is still the case or has something changed?

Gostev posted a few years ago that he didn't like it. Is this still the case Gostev?

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Re: 3par Storage Snapshot integration vs VVOL

Post by foggy » Aug 17, 2017 2:01 pm

Hi David, the situation with transport modes is still the same - it's either hotadd or NBD. Here's another thread regarding that.

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