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a Few questions about veeam implementation

Post by gilt » Nov 09, 2017 12:15 pm


i'm in the process of evaluate veeam as a replication engine in order to replace a different vendor. i got some question that i would like to get an answer before we decide:

1. i have a copy of the virtual machines in my DR site that were created by the old replication software , can i use them to reduce the time of the initial replication ?
2 i currently have a vcenter on both sites , do i have to keep both of them or should i remove one and use one for both sites ? what is recommended ?
3. do i have some kind of high availability solution for the veeam management server ?
do i need to install one on the DR site ? i assume i need to , otherwise how would i perform a fail over in case my primary site is down.
how do i connect both servers?
4. can i control the NICs veeam uses for the replication somehow?


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Re: a Few questions about veeam implementation

Post by Vitaliy S. » Nov 11, 2017 11:59 pm


1. Yes, you can use replica mapping option in the job settings to do that.
2. Are these vCenter Server independent from each other or you're running the vCenter Server in a linked mode? Anyway, it is recommended to have a copy of your production infrastructure in the DR site. This would allow you to do a seamless failover. Running the secondary vCenter Server on the remote site is not a bad idea ;)
3. In case of replication jobs, it is recommended to run the backup server on the DR site orchestrating all the jobs. Here is an existing topic for further reading > vCenter and Veeam replication to DR site
4. Yes, you can do that via this option > Specifying Preferred Networks for Data Transfer

Thank you!

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