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A Suggested VM Backups Best Practice?

Post by markmyart »

This is what I believe sounds like a good backup process:
1. A backup jobs runs daily with 3 day retention in production (variable length). Reason: Quick backup, relatively small size/amount of files.
2. A copy job using copy from backups extends the retention to 7 days (variable obviously). Reason for copy job: Doesn't touch the production VM's and extends the restore length.
3. A copy job from a BR server in DR copy's the backup files (from the copy job) to its repository in DR (retention length also variable).
This way all VMs are ready to restore in DR. If you follow me. #1,#2 already in place. Its #3 that is in the design stage. I dont know if it will work but sounds good.

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Re: A Suggested VM Backups Best Practice?

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The plan looks solid.

3. For this, in BCJ "Objects" step select the VMs from infrastructure and specify the backup repository holding the primary backup copy restore points as the source.


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