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[ID# 03429116] After upgrade to 9.5u4 - error starting veeam.backup.shell

Post by stevenfoo » Feb 23, 2019 2:31 am

We tested an upgrade on a test server before performing on the production server.

However in our test, after upgrading from to we tried to start the veeam backup shell (GUI).

We end up with the following error and we cannot start the GUI now.

Code: Select all

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01:veeam.backup.shell.exe
Problem Signature 02:
Problem Signature 03:5c45f544
Problem Signature 04:PresentationCore
Problem Signature 05:
Problem Signature 06:5584f402
Problem Signature 07:243
Problem Signature 08:70
Problem Signature 09:System.TypeInitialization
OS Version:6.0.6002.
Locale ID:1033

Note added: This is the detail I get from the windows event log

Application: veeam.backup.shell.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.TypeInitializationException
at Veeam.Backup.UI.Launcher.CClientLauncherRunner..ctor(Veeam.Backup.UI.Launcher.Vault.CProductHelper)
at Veeam.Backup.UI.Launcher.CClientLauncherRunner.Run(Veeam.Backup.UI.Launcher.Vault.CProductHelper, Veeam.Backup.UI.Launcher.CServiceConnectionSpec ByRef)
at VeeamShell.Program.Main(System.String[])

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Re: [ID# 03429116] After upgrade to 9.5u4 - error starting veeam.backup.shell

Post by nielsengelen » Feb 24, 2019 3:35 pm

There are no known issues that would match this description, so best would be to let support handle this and wait for their feedback. Thanks!
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[MERGED] event : CLR20r3 veeam.backup.shell.exe Stopped Working

Post by artgineer » Apr 04, 2019 1:18 pm

I have successfully updraded with the update 4a iso as recommended.

After rebooting, I cannot start the Backup and Replication Console.

This is the error I get :

Code: Select all

Description :
  Stopped working

Signature du problème :
  Nom d’événement de problème:	CLR20r3
  Signature du problème 01:	veeam.backup.shell.exe
  Signature du problème 02:
  Signature du problème 03:	5c938930
  Signature du problème 04:	PresentationCore
  Signature du problème 05:
  Signature du problème 06:	5584f402
  Signature du problème 07:	243
  Signature du problème 08:	70
  Signature du problème 09:	System.TypeInitialization
  Version du système:	6.0.6002.
  Identificateur de paramètres régionaux:	3084

Lire notre déclaration de confidentialité :
It's impossible for me to export the logs, as a I can't start the console.

I have opened a support case : ID# 03497428

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Re: [ID# 03429116] After upgrade to 9.5u4 - error starting veeam.backup.shell

Post by foggy » Apr 04, 2019 4:05 pm

Hi Jonathan, I've checked the Steven's case notes and there is no solution provided, it just states that he was able to fix the issue. So let's wait either for his reply with some hints or for support engineer's response.

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Re: [ID# 03429116] After upgrade to 9.5u4 - error starting veeam.backup.shell

Post by fedor » Apr 26, 2019 2:36 pm

Resolved a very similar error by reinstalling .NET 4.6 on the backup server

VBR version:
OS: Windows 2008 SP 2

Problem signature :
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01: veeam.backup.shell.exe
Problem Signature 02:
Problem Signature 03: 5c45f544
Problem Signature 04: PresentationCore
Problem Signature 05:

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