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Architecture Assistance

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I have a client who has provided me with a backup headache.
They have 8 sites with 2 ESXi 5 hosts each with only local storage on each host. One of the sites has VCenter installed and manages all the sites in a 1 datacenter and 8 cluster setup.
They want each site ESXi host to backup its VMs to the other ESXi host on that site but be managed centrally. On top of that the Manager site needs to back up the Vcenter to a fail over site.

Now simple way is to install veeam replication on each site and set up jobs there and use the manager site with enterprise manager. But i want to know if a more elegant solution could be had using proxies?

Because this hasnt got shared storage im unsure of the implications and of course licencing for the customer.

Anyone had experience of this sort of setup and what they did?

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Re: Architecture Assistance

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Chris, you do not need to install Veeam B&R in each site. Just install it on the main site, set up local proxy servers on each site to perform replication within the sites and that's it. Each proxy should have access to the corresponding datastores in its site. Please see the sticky FAQ topic regarding licensing questions. Thanks!

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