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Automount and MS patching

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I am currently using 2x Veeam B&R v6.5 proxy servers that double as repositories. Both have automount disabled as each have direct iSCSI connections into the SAN, both servers are running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. I will be updating/applying MS OS patches in the next week or so. Has anyone run into issues where the automount function has been re-enabled as the result of patching? I know there was a problem when applying SP1.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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Re: Automount and MS patching

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Hello Dave,

I've faced with issues during updating W2k8 R2 to SP1 but it was regarding disabling automount: during patching auto enable - was re set to disable.

However patching the SP1 further does not face this problem, and I did not find any notes regarding it across google as well, so wish you smooth updating - as there is nothing to worry about.


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Re: Automount and MS patching

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There are 3 methodes to prefent Windows to do harm to VMFS and other VMware volumes.
automount, SANPolicy, storage volume read only

Backup & Replication Proxy - Direct SAN mode needs a permanent Connection (read only) to the VMware data volumes (like a ESX(i) Cluster member)

So Veeam needs for them the volumes in an "offline" state.

New Windows Version have SANPolicy Setting and automount. Old Windows Versions have only automount.

In newer Windows Versions it can be the case that Windows updates need automount enabled. You are good to go if SANpoicy is disabled.

You can check this with

opening a cmd box (admin)
Diskpart (Starts the Microsoft tool)
SAN (This is SAN Policy and need to be "Offline")
Automount ("disabled" recommended)

I never heard about it, that an Windows update changes SANpolicy Setting to "online".

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