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Backing up Nimble Array Slow

Post by TBone »

I know this isn't really a Veeam issue, but thought I would ask here if anyone has seen this.

We used to have a Lefthand array and that ran very smoothly during our backups. Now we have changed to Nimble (hybrid storage) and when the backups run, they definitely go over the SAN network, however everything seems to grind to a halt. Not just the machines being backed up, either. Our performance monitors start throwing latency alerts. Servers take a long time respond, etc.

Veeam version is 7.0 with the latest updates. Single Veeam server running Win 12R2.

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Re: Backing up Nimble Array Slow

Post by Gostev »

Brian, I have not really heard similar feedback from other Nimble users, so it is quite possible that something is simply not setup right in your deployment?

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Re: Backing up Nimble Array Slow

Post by dellock6 »

Brian, before dropping any comment, does it happens on full backups only or also for incremental backups? I have an explanation if the former but first I need a confirmation from you.
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Re: Backing up Nimble Array Slow

Post by adriand » 1 person likes this post

Not sure if relevant, but we had a customer doing VMware direct SAN backups with Nimble SAN in the back and he did not configure all available Nimble interfaces as data (only 2 x 1Gbps from 5 available) and also his backup proxy had 2 x1Gbps interfaces directly hooked into the SAN network. So when backup started its sucked out all data SAN bandwidth available impacting the entire environment.
Once we properly configured his Nimble data interfaces and put a bw cap on the proxy, things started to work correctly.


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