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marius roma
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Backing up the Veeam B&R server

Post by marius roma »

The idea can sound crazy, however…
Can I implement a free Veeam B&R server and use it to backup the production Veeam B&R server and, maybe, the proxies?
Is there any known reason beacuse it should or should not work?

Veeam Software
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Re: Backing up the Veeam B&R server

Post by foggy »

Hi Mario, while this is acceptable, why don't you want to backup Veeam B&R configuration instead or use Veeam Agent for Windows for that purpose?

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Re: Backing up the Veeam B&R server

Post by DGrinev »

That should work, but keep in mind that free version only able to utilize VeeamZip and cannot create scheduled backup jobs. Thanks!

Andreas Neufert
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Re: Backing up the Veeam B&R server

Post by Andreas Neufert »

Yes, why not. There are specific things to consider at failover.

If B&R Server and SQL Server are differen Servers they need to be in sync (nearly at same time backed up and restored).
You need to start Repository rescans and VM Replication rescans right after restore to avoid split brain situations. Split Brain => Metadata in the Backup Files and in the Veeam DB out of sync.

But overall please tell us what you want to achive as there are potential other/better options.

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