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Backing up vmware guest Exchange w/ Veeam w/ iscsi pass-thru

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Product feature support question:

Can Veeam be used to backup Exchange, when Exchange is running on vmware, however the drive with the datastore is mounted via a "pass-thru iSCSI LUN". Pass-thru LUNs are those where the iscsi initiator from the Windows server operating system itself initiates the storage connection, outside of Vmware storage management, due to old SAN no longer supported by vmware.

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Re: Backing up vmware guest Exchange w/ Veeam w/ iscsi pass-

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Hi, John,

Pass-through virtual disks, as well as, disks that are connected via in-guest iSCSI initiator are not supported and are automatically skipped from processing during backup/replication jobs.


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[MERGED] Backing up a direct attached ISCSI volume withing a

Post by milds »


Question: Is it possible to backup a direct attached ISCSI volume (say and Exchange DB) mounted within a VM?

I see no reason why not since the VMDK for the VM and the NTFS partition mounted on the same SAN, and veeam works on the block level or is it based on VMFS?

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, appreciate your input


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