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Backup and copy job setup question

Post by ITW » Sep 30, 2016 4:36 am


I've been testing Veeam for the last few weeks and was hoping to get some insight on how to configure my backups similar to my current solution. Right now our solution consists of 2 backup servers, a primary server and passive server. The primary server is where all the initial backups are taken, then when backups complete they are automatically copied to the passive server so we have 2 copies of the data. Our standard is to keep 30 daily backups and 11 monthly backups.

Initially I was thinking I needed 2 backup jobs, a daily job set to keeps 30 points on disk which is an incremental job (no Synthetic full) that runs daily. Secondly I would need a monthly job set to keep 11 points on disk. Then once I have these two jobs configured I can setup 1 backup copy job that includes those two jobs and send those off to the second server. However, it doesn't seem like regular backup jobs can be setup to just take a monthly but maybe I am not understanding.

Alternatively I was thinking I could have the daily job that that keeps 30 points, all incremental without fulls, then I'd create a backup copy job set to keep 11 restore points. In essence the copy job would take all the incrementals to create a full backup each month. Then I'd have a second backup copy job which copied all the dailies and monthlies off to the second server for redundancy. However the issue I am seeing with this method is I cannot have a backup copy job save to the same repository that the source backup is in?

So to sum up, I am wondering how to setup my backups so I can have the same 30 daily/11 monthly retention on the primary repository while also having a copy of all those backups on the secondary server. You input is greatly appreciated!


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Re: Backup and copy job setup question

Post by Shestakov » Sep 30, 2016 8:10 am

Hello and welcome to the community!

You need 3 jobs to achieve your goal.
1) Backup job using forever forward incremental method with 30 restore points.
2) Backup job running on a monthly basis making active full backups
3) Backup copy job with backup job 1 as source and target as DR repository. Simple retention = 30, GFS retention: Monthly = 11

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Re: Backup and copy job setup question

Post by foggy » Sep 30, 2016 2:53 pm

Keep in mind though that backup copy job doesn't simply copy backup files but creates them synthetically from existing backups.

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