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Backup Copy Job Help

Post by jbalberden180 » Dec 15, 2015 6:09 pm

Hello all,

Here is my scenario, i have backup jobs that run nightly and hold 31 days of data. I want to create a backup copy job that stores monthly backups for 12 months and then yearly for 3 years. I am sending these backups to a local drive that gets copied with an Azure backup client up to a backup vault. My question is how do i set this up? I want to make sure that i use as little storage space as possible, also when looking at the GFS i'm confused on setting up the number of days under the copy every setting. Do i set it to 30 for a monthly backup?


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Re: Backup Copy Job Help

Post by foggy » Dec 15, 2015 9:26 pm

Yes, you can set 'Copy every' interval to 30 days and number of restore points in regular chain to 12, to have 12 monthly restore points, then enable GFS retention and specify 3 yearly restore points to keep (those will be separate full backups). If you want monthlies as separate full backups too, then set whatever you want for the regular incremental chain and 12 for monthlies in GFS section.

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