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Backup Copy Job very slow on 50 Mbit WAN Connection

Post by repa »

Hi there,

we have a vSphere Environment with about 5 TB of data beiing backuped by Veeam.

We have a Daily and Weekly Job which backups to a QNAP Storage.

The Weekly Job is also the source for our Backup Copy Job, which transfer's the Data to a Storage in a Datacenter with a 50 Mbit connection.

We ran the job against a QNAP NAS, transferd it to the datacenter (offline) and then added this new Backup Repository to the Backup Copy Job.

When we're running the Job now, it's very very slow (always at 50 Mbit), but reading all disks, instead of just copying the incremental data.

We already enabled WAN Accelerators on both sides with 100 GB Cache, but the Job takes about a week to complete.

any hints how we can optimize that?

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Re: Backup Copy Job very slow on 50 Mbit WAN Connection

Post by foggy »

Pascal, am I understanding right that you're seeding a backup copy job? Have you performed this as described here?

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