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Backup copy with GFS

Post by dcampregher » Jan 18, 2017 4:10 pm


I am trying to use the backup copy to a target repository but i am facing some issues/doubts.

My BACKUP JOB was configured with 05 restore points and is execute each 06 ours.

I want to copy the GFS schema only to the target. For example: At the 10:00AM of monday the Weekly is executed and i want to keep 04 versions.

How can i configure this backup copy job ? ( Copy interval, target restore ponits and the GFS )

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Re: Backup copy with GFS

Post by Shestakov » Jan 18, 2017 9:30 pm

Hello Diogo.
If you want full backups only on the target, you need to enable GFS retention ('Keep the following restore points for archival purposes' check box), configure weekly backups, and enable active full (select the 'Read the entire restore point from source...' check box). This way, backup copy will behave as forward incremental job with periodic active fulls, avoiding any transforms. On the original backup job you can set anything you need, this does not affect backup copy job.

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