Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Backup Health Check against VMWare VM

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I'm wondering if it is possible (or how we can get a feature request) to do a backup check against a vm snapshot? For example what I would like to do/see is the following:

-A backup job happens.
-A snapshot is created for the backup
-an incremental is pulled from the snapshot and saved to a vib
-a backup proxy and the destination veeam server do a block CRC/SHA check on each of their side and the results are compared against each other

I guess this assumes that the full backup file plus all incrementals should be equal to the current vmware snapshot that was created (I would think it should but I guess you do funky things with page files etc). Is this at all a possibility or possible in a feature for the future? It would be just nice for us paranoid people to know that what is on the host actually matches what is in the backup. (especially with the recommendation to never do Active Full backups and just do synthetics)

Edit: And I get it, we need to test backups (with something like SureBackup) which I do but sometimes there are applications that just do not have a good way to verify their data integrity unlike SQL Server or other well known database servers etc.
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Re: Backup Health Check against VMWare VM

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If I'm not mistaken, CRC-check is performed at the block level by Data Movers running on proxy and repository to guarantee full data consistency. Also, a new snapshot is created for every backup job run and there is no pattern to compare snapshot and backup sizes (moreover, backup data is compressed and deduped).

From my perspective, SureBackup is more than enough to be sure that there is no data loss but if you have some specific examples of applications that do not provide a reliable way to verify their data integrity, let's discuss these examples.

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