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Backup Job Scheduling - Question

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I am working to configure a number of different backup jobs with similar settings. I have the jobs configured as forward incremental, and they are running every night. On Friday night's, a Synthetic Full backup is created. On the last Friday of the month, an Active Full backup job is run. In short, I'm running weekly SF jobs and a monthly AF.

Now, my question revolves around the "Friday" item. Seeing as how the SF is scheduled to run on Friday and the Active Full will run on the last Friday of the month, what will happen on the last Friday of the month? Will both a SF and an Active Full job run? Or will the job realize that it is running an Active Full and the Synthetic Full won't run? I haven't had a chance to test it in my lab but I wanted to reach out to see what the general consensus is. My goal is to use as less disk capacity as possible so I'm trying to avoid having back-to-back full backups on disk. Let me know if you can provide any input on this when you get a chance.


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Re: Backup Job Scheduling - Question

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Only active full will be performed if both are scheduled on the same day. Thanks!

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