Backup not working - Multi Tenant

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Backup not working - Multi Tenant

Veeam Logoby afishernwn » Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:57 am

We have a multi tenant environment, and one new tenant is a bit different than the rest. Rather than residing within the same vCenter as the rest of our tenants, it is off on it's own vCenter with it's own host servers in a different network segment. The Veeam B&R server and Backup Repository live in our main vCenter, and there is a Backup Proxy over at the tenant vCenter. So basically the flow would be:

Our Veeam B&R -> Tenant Proxy -> Our Repository

Currently we have NAT / firewall rules allowing traffic from our main network to their network, which is how we connected to their vCenter and added the proxy server. I "think" what may be missing is NAT back the other way so that their proxy can talk back to our B&R and Repository?? We are getting error messages stating: error: resolve: no such host is known. It seems DNS related, and I'm thinking that I could use host files in this instance since they are different networks/domains. Is this a supported configuration, as long as the proxy would have communication back to the Veeam pieces on the other side?
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Re: Backup not working - Multi Tenant

Veeam Logoby emachabert » Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:23 am


First take a look at to get information about ports and direction of trafic between components.

Then, since you are using NAT, please register each component with its hostname and not its IP address in VBR Console, then manage to get the "good" name resolution on each side of the NAT.

Finaly, you can use host file for name resolution with no restriction.
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