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Backup of large VM

Post by friopel » Apr 25, 2018 4:53 pm

Hi, everyone,

I'm hoping you can give me pointers on this, because I'm at a loss...

Our backup is fairly large. There are 13 VMs, but 2 of them are respectivetly 6 and 3TB in size.

It took a while for both machines to complete it's first initial backup, because it kept failing. But once it did the initial backup, everything was fine.

That is, until we needed to change the IP address of our vCenter server. Unfortunately, the vCenter was configured with the IP address, and not the FQDN. So when we changed the IP address, we had to re-add the vCenter server (we used the FQDN this time! :D ). That messed up the MoRef and we needed a new backup chain. I also took that opportunity to change the backup job to point to the folder containing the VMs instead of the VMs themselves.

As expected, the two large VMs keep failing close to the end. It's usually an "SQL Server Not Available" error, but it has thrown a "Failed To Write Data To The File" or a "Exception Of Type 'Veeam.Backup.AgentProvider.AgentClosedException' was thrown" from time to time. So, in order to at least have the other machines backed up, I excluded the two large VMs from that job, and created another job, for that folder, with only the 2 machines. I was able to successfully backup one of the two machines, but I still am not able to complete the other one.

My two questions are :

- Is there a better way to deal with large VMs in Veeam?
- Anyone had issues like that and got any tips for successfully complete a large VM backup?
- Once the backup is completed, is there anyway to merge them to the original backup job, so that I don't have a two separate backup jobs ?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Backup of large VM

Post by jmmarton » Apr 26, 2018 3:12 pm

If specific VMs fail in a job, the entire job should still continue processing. Plus as you pointed out you now have two separate jobs and no there isn't a way to combine them back into a single job down the line short of adding the large VMs back into the original job and performing a new full (you can't map in this case).

I'd suggest opening a ticket with support so they can go through the logs and see exactly what's going on with the full backups of your two large VMs. Please make certain to come back and post your case ID.


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Re: Backup of large VM

Post by nezzer » Apr 27, 2018 2:41 pm

Hey Friopel!

Are you using a NBD or Hotadd/direct storage access backup for those VM's?
Concider using Hotadd/direct storage access for VM's with single Vdisk larger than 1 TB.

Kindest Regards
Andreas Svensson

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