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Backup Performance Change Wish List?

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There may already be a way to do this, but cannot find it.

We are wanting is to tweak the different options (dedupe, compression, etc.) for the backup jobs, then be able to look at some sort of report that shows past performance of X number of runs. We could probably dig through the logs, but that is not particularly intuitive! By having a report showing this information, we could see benefits/downsides to making changes to job settings. This becomes important when looking at the run time of a job versus the amount of storage the job is taking.

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Re: Backup Performance Change Wish List?

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Hello Rick,

Have you looked into Veeam One's Backup Infrastructure Assessment report? Moreover Veeam One can provide the detailed overview of your backup infrastructure via predefined dashboards, for example Heatmap Dashboard shows resource utilization in your backup infrastructure. Cheers!

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