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backup second management IP Esxi

Post by Fegume »

Hello I have one this:

- Vcenter.domain.local (
* (esx)
* )esx)
* (esx)

My Veeam server/proxy have the IP.

The backup is for nbd and I have put it the second IP (vmkernel) the esx server, and and vcenter =

I modify host file over my veeam server:


When I add vcenter on my Veeam server, show this:

- Vcenter.domain.local
* (esx)
* )esx)
* (esx)

the problem is that server join to vcenter for IP and not fqdn and I can't tell to my veem server that =

When I run backup with any VM failed, because try go to network 172.28.1.x and not 192.168.1.x

Any idea with fix this?

best regards!

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Re: backup second management IP Esxi

Post by foggy »

Have you tried adding vCenter server by IP address instead of FQDN?

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Re: backup second management IP Esxi

Post by PetrM »


I think you could try what Foggy suggested and inform us with the result but most likely you will need to configure a proper routing between networks.
We are getting ESXi IP by querying object properties from vCenter hierarchy and in your case the corresponding property of ESXi is an address which belongs to the 172.28.1.x network:
each ESXi host is connected to vCenter server by IP from this network.

By the way, did you try HotAdd mode?
The data read is performed from a directly attached disk which is usually faster and you will be able to select a preferred network (192.168.1.x) to transfer backup data between proxy and repository, just make sure that you have a properly configured network interface on proxy.


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