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Backup to External Encrypted Hard Drive

Post by mpnd »

One of my clients bought an external drive that has a keypad on it. The product he purchased was the following,

http://www.apricorn.com/products/hardwa ... -usb3.html

The support for the product said that the drives are not supported with vmware/hyperv because apparently it re-enumerates the virtual usb ports quite often. When this happens the drive loses connection. As soon as the drive detects the disconnection it goes back into lock mode and the drive can't be seen.

Does anyone use a hardware encrypted external USB product that can be used with Veeam and VMWare for encrypted offsite rotation?

I've been searching through the forum, but it's hard to find someone using a specific brand successfully.

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Re: Backup to External Encrypted Hard Drive

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What happens in VMware is that USB IDs are changed when a device is connected to the hypervisor and passed to the virtual machine. There is a workaround to disable this but if I remember correctly it was working only for View deployments for USB redirection.
A different workaround you can try is to directly passthrough the entire USB controller to the VM, in this way ESXi should not change the USB ID because it's no more controlling the USB controller. Otherwise, use a small windows physical repository and connect the device to it.
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