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Backup to remote site, backup window to short for initial ..

Post by gollem »


Site A: 2 vsphere servers with 2 virtual guests, (1 file server, 225GB ... 1 veeam backup and replication server)
the veeam server replicates the fileserver from server1 to server2 nightly

Site B: multiple vsphere servers, shared FC storage, NAS for backups

I want to have atleast the latest version of the VM from site A copied into site B. I've tried creating a backup task which copies all the data over to the NAS on site B, however the backup windows (62 hours in a weekend) is to short. I can do just under 1gigabyte per hour over our 2mbit link. but cannot copy any data during business hours.

What are my options to get the data across to the remote location and keep it synced (hopefully daily, but atleast every weekend)?
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Re: Backup to remote site, backup window to short for initia

Post by dellock6 »

Hi Erik,
have you placed a Veeam proxy also in site B? This is mandatory to guarantee optimal performances. Also, if you also have other VMs in site B (since seems site B is bigger than A) a good desisng could be:
- Veeam backup server in site B
- veeam proxy only in site A
- replication job from A to B (and use replica seeding to create the first run of replica)
- in site B with Veeam you can do backups of all VMs toward NAS, included the replicated server, so you would also have backups of that VM

Also, check if Site A file server is at least V4 virtual hardware, so you can take advantage of CBT and shorten replica time.

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Re: Backup to remote site, backup window to short for initia

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Yes, Luca is correct. If your backup windows is too short for initial replication/backup just use initial backup/replica seeding options.
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Re: Backup to remote site, backup window to short for initia

Post by Helqasem »

Hi Erik,

This sounds like you are trying to perform an remote offsite back-up rather than creating a replica VM.

Replication jobs require a proxy at each end of the WAN link and the resulting product of the job is a full VM (.vmx,.vmdk files) sat on a target host in a switched-off state at the remote end.

As you are trying to run a back-up job to the remote NAS box, I guess what you want here is a daily back-up of the VM (.vbk,.vibs files) not a replica of the VM? In this case the communication between the source and target site is done between a source site proxy and the target site repository. To get your seed across you could try running the back-up job to a local repository in Site A, copy the back-up files to a USB (or other removable media), ship them to Site B and then copy them to the repository there. Once you have done this rescan the repository to make the back-up visible in the console then edit your back-up job. When you come to the storage section of your job configurion, select the remote repository, click "map backup" and select the back-up in the remote repository.

This should help you get a full backup across to the target site.. any subsequent job cycles should be incrementals which send much less data down the pipe.
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