Backup Vs Backup Copy

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Backup Vs Backup Copy

Veeam Logoby andreas2012 » Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:26 pm


Im learning Veeam Bacup and Replication, and I have some questions regarding configuration, and need some explaining:)

I want to have 7 restore points on disk, and then 1 week set and 1 month set and 1 year... like GFS. So im wondering if im configuring it correct, this is what I have done

I have configured a job under Jobs>Backup and set the Retention Policy to 7. If im correct then it will keep 7 restore points on disk, it does not mean 7 days.. It runs once a day, so I guess it will keep a week :)
Then I have configured a job under Jobs>Backup Copy. On the first screen I have kept it default "Copy every 1 day", not sure what it does here? I see the explanation there, but still not clear.
Then on the "Virtual Machines" I have selected "From Jobs" and selected the job I have created.
On the "Target" I have used default and selected Restore points to keep 7 (not sure here either, is this always the same as the one I created in the Backup Job ? why do I need to specify here also ?
Then I have weekly=1, Month=1, Quarterly=1, Year=1.

Do I need to configure both a Jobs>Backup and Jobs>Backup Copy... cant I just create a Backup Copy ?

This is not clear to me, I have read documents, but it would be greate if someone could explain it a bit better for a person that has issues understanding it :)

Thanks for reply.

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Re: Backup Vs Backup Copy

Veeam Logoby foggy » Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:40 am

Andreas, you've set up everything correctly. Backup job retrieves data from the source storage and is meant to create some short retention of VM backups on a fast local storage for operational restores. Backup copy job uses these backups as a source (so it does not touch production VMs) and is designed to copy data to secondary (often dedupe) storage for archival purposes and has GFS settings for that. It also has regular backup chain (just like original backup job) and 'Copy every' interval setting defines how often it will create a restore point in this chain (you can set the retention to a minimum value of two restore points, if longer chain is not needed).
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