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best practice for big Windows Volumes

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Hi, this is partly a Veeam and partly a VMware questions.
I am about to build a new Windows 2012 fileserver with a 4TB Volume. In the past we have gradually increased sizes (up to about 3TB) by adding 512GB VHDs, and using Windows Disk Manager to create the big volume. This works nicely with Veeam backup as it can process several of the VHDs in parallel.
If I create only one, or two 2TB VHDs, Veeam will be less efficient (or perhaps I will have to think about getting this backup job for a 4TB VHD machine working at the same time as other smaller jobs for all our other servers?).
At the moment I try to schedule my 5 backup jobs so that they don't overlap too much - or am I being stupid and not leaving Veeam to do this as efficiently as possible? Perhaps it would do it better than I can?
Any advice welcome, before I plunge in.
Bob Eadie
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Re: best practice for big Windows Volumes

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Bob, job overlapping is ok as long as sufficient resources are available. Veeam B&R automatic resource scheduling ensures your resources are utilized in most effective manner, optimizing backup windows and eliminating time periods when no jobs are running. I believe you'd better rely on it (probably limiting the number of concurrent tasks per proxy and repository to avoid possible constraints) and see whether you're meeting your backup window.

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