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Best Practice for my Enviroment.

Post by kefflar »

First of all hello Veeam Users :)

I'm looking best practice for my vmware soluton. Right now I got 3 ESXi Host connected FC/FC(16Gbit) links to Nible Storage. Those Host Are connected witch 10Gbit copper links to switch. For backup storage i've plan to use QNAP Nas with 10Gbit link. Vcenter and Veeam Backup&Replication is installed on physical Server with only 1Gbit links.
1. What is best practice to backup VM's?
2. What type of storage on Qnap I should use? NFS? SMB? or iSCSI?(Realy don't know how to add iSCSI backup repository to Veeam as iSCSI)
This is new to me and I have no experience yet.

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Re: Best Practice for my Enviroment.

Post by HannesK »

and welcome to the forums.

I expect your physical server is running Windows Server 2016 or 2019

1) add a fibre channel adapter to the backup server and to backup from storage snapshots. That eliminates the 1GBit link for backup.

2) add a 10gbit NIC to avoid the 1GBit bottleneck to the QNAP. iSCSI with REFS as filesystem is the recommendation in general (I don't know about QNAP specifics). If iSCSI is not possible, wait for the next Veeam release and use NFS. Worst case: SMB

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Re: Best Practice for my Enviroment.

Post by Pat490 »

you only need to install software iscsi adapter on your physical Veeam server to connect your QNAP

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