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Beware: upgrade to vCenter 5 renames local datastores

Post by Jonathan »

As I found out yesterday, upgrading your vCenter host to 5.0 renames local datastores, IF they were named like this: <hostname>:local (which is the default naming convention up to vSphere 4.1). The datastore id will change from datastore-xx to Datastore-datastore-xxxx. Any software referencing these datastore ids (such as, I don't know, Veeam B&R for example?) will go haywire. This can be corrected by editing each job that has a reference to a local datastore and point it to the correct one (updating the underlying datastore id). Or, if you're smart enough to browse these forums before upgrading vCenter, by renaming your datastores to something unique before the upgrade, which will presumably retain your datastore ids.

This issue was buried by another bug: when I tried to edit job properties, it came up with this error: Invalid SoapPath FullName <sanfs://sometemplatevmxxx>. Simply removing and re-adding the template vm solved this one, thanks to this Vmware Communities post.
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