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Broken CBT Issue after vSphere 5 Upgrade

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The Summary of v6 Issues mentions a potential for Broken CBT functionality on VMs after vSphere 5 upgrades. Veeam has kindly provided a 7 step process to resolve this issue on each affected VM, but having to arrange downtime for such a labour-intensive fix across hundreds of VMs would not be practical. Ideally we would like to have a timeline for a more comprehensive fix prior to our planned upgrade to vSphere5

As it has been noted that this is not Veeam specific, can anyone advise whether VMware is working on resolving this issue at a plaftform level rather that at a per-VM level?
I have been trying to find VMware forum discussions on this issue but have been unsuccessful so far.

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Re: Broken CBT Issue after vSphere 5 Upgrade

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Agreed. It was an annoying process I had to go through recently. I can only imagine what it'd be like to have to do this on 100s of VMs rather than the 8 I had to do. :|
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Re: Broken CBT Issue after vSphere 5 Upgrade

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Just wanted to make something very clear. This is nothing more than an idea for the cause - it's definitely not "guaranteed" that your vSphere 5 upgrade will cause this. The issue did coincide with vSphere 5 upgrade for some customers who reported this, but it could have been pure coincidence, because it did not happen for many other customers with their vSphere 5 upgrade. There could have been other infrastructure changes along with the upgrade that may have caused that.

Bottom line, I can be totally wrong tying up this issue to vSphere 5 upgrade there. As I also noted in that topic, we definitely had customers who experienced CBT structures corruption issue without vSphere upgrade (for causes unknown). And overall, as far as I know, the issue is definitely not wide-spread, and ever affected may be 0.1% of all Veeam B&R customers at most.

However, to be on the safe side, I personally would try upgrading a single host to vSphere 5 first, both to establish and test the process, and see if I ran into this issue on VMs located in this host.

Hope this helps.
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