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Bug (?) when using Quick Migration with a proxy

Post by KOPFteam » Oct 13, 2018 11:50 am

Yesterday I stumbled over this:

I used "Quick Migration" to move a VM from an old ESX to a newly installed ESX. This (Windows) VM was up and running when I started the migration and it also was configured as a Veeam proxy.

The migration process started as expexted: It created a snapshot, copied over the VM files to the new ESX, shutted down the VM on the old ESX - and then failed with a timeout error!

I didn't change the proxy settings in the Quick Migration wizard - they were "automatic" and the wizard decided to use exactly the VM it was asked to move as both target and destination proxy. Of course this failed! When I tried the Quick Migration wizard again, I manually choose a different proxy and this time the migration finished without problems!

Maybe the Quick Migration wizard should make sure it doesn't use the VM(s) it is migrating as proxy?

Apart from this I abolutly love the "Quick Migration" feature! It works perfectly!

Florian Pürner
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Re: Bug (?) when using Quick Migration with a proxy

Post by PTide » Oct 13, 2018 3:58 pm


That looks totally unexpected, thank you for pointing that out, the info has been passed to the responsible techs.


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