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Calculate Deduplication and Compression ratio

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The image below is over a weeks worth of daily backups using the forward incremental method. We are in the planning phase of a new backup repository and need to generate an average deduplication/compression ratio per job. The current repository is an EMC Data Domain that is near capacity. We would like to get away from this device due to its high cost and stand up a server with direct attached storage as its replacement.


In my calculation I am using this very informative Veeam article (see below) to create my formulas. Using the conservative ratio of 2:1, I have some rough numbers but since I am already using Veeam and have these numbers at my disposal. I'd like to tweak the formula to be more accurate. How could I use these numbers to create an average per job?

http://helpcenter.veeam.com/backup/70/b ... mples.html

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Calculate Deduplication and Compression ratio

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For average compression rate, I would just take the average of the values in the corresponding column.

Here's btw, the thread that might be useful in your estimations.

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