Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Calculate digests Fails after vMotion

Post by jpaul »

I am working with a customer right now that is seeding all of their VM's to the DR site. It had preformed the initial [seed] operation and then started to calculate the digests (which i might add was going so slow i could have just had it push the entire VM and been better off), anyhow i vmotioned the DR site proxy to a different host because i was seeing some storage latency and when i did so the digest process stopped.

Is this normal ? and if so should i tell vsphere not to allow vmotion on proxies ?
Vitaliy S.
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Re: Calculate digests Fails after vMotion

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Hi Justin,

Did you vMotion proxy VM while digest calculation was in progress? I would appreciate if could let our support engineers take a look at this, as I do not recall seeing this behavior before.

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