Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Case #06056892 - SAN Snapshots Not Occurring

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We have a local job configured in which the repository is a SAN (IBM Flashsystem 5000)
We have the enterprise plus license and have enabled backup from storage snapshots
We have the SAN added in the Storage Infrastructure and we see the device successfully added with all the expected datastore information
The local backups run and complete successfully however the job statistics do not specify that an IBM Storage Snapshot was used. The only logged information is:

Getting VM info from vSphere
Creating VM snapshot

We have other similar configurations that provide the same message and those setups are not SAN configurations. Also we have seen other configuration with more information such as Creating VSS snapshot
We cross checked another configuration in which we know the SAN is being utilized for snapshots it also states only Creating VM snapshot. However we know that is is using the SAN snapshot because in the job logs we verified the specific message "[IBM] Creating backup snapshot"

In this instance the job log for this particular configuration only displays Finding SAN but not "[IBM] Creating backup snapshot"

We have followed all documentation on configuring the SAN and we have a client in which it is working and a client in which it is not working. Configurations are identical
Veeam Support has not been able to identify why this is the case

Can someone please help guide us to identify why the SAN is not being used to create snapshots, or if it is how can we identify in Veeam that is is using the SAN to create the snapshot?

*VMware Tools are not enabled
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Re: Case #06056892 - SAN Snapshots Not Occurring

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and welcome to the forums.

According to support, the defined proxy does not have access to the SAN. According to the case, you are using iSCSI. So the proxy that you try to use needs to have IP access to the storage (for FibreChannel, zoning needs to be configured). If you remove the "failover to standard backup", then it should throw an error, which can be investigated again if needed.

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