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CDP, DRaas, and cloud connect

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We're looking into DRaas using Veeam. I know that existing Veeam DRaas partners support Veeam replication using cloud connect. After contacting one of the DRaas SP, they have informed us that they currently do not support CDP using cloud connect targets.

Before we start reaching out to other service providers, I would like to know if CDP is supported by any DRaas service providers at the moment? Does CDP currently have cloud connect feature?

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Re: CDP, DRaas, and cloud connect

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No, cloud connect doesn‘t support cdp.
The source and the target vcenter must be directly configured in the vbr server of the customer. You will not see the target vcenter in Veeam cloud connect.

The network requirements will be a pain. A service Provider cannot guarantee multiple 10gigs incoming bandwidth for multiple customers at the same time. And CDP will need a good and stable bandwidth for vms with big changes. This could be very expensive. Only a few bigger service provider could do that.

https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backu ... ml?ver=110
Network between infrastructure components required for CDP must be minimum 1 Gbps. We recommend to use 10 Gbps or faster and MTU 9000.
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