Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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[Feature Request] CDP split writes for multi-site protection

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I first have to say that I love the granularity of the CDP product. We can get down to 5 seconds protection on our most critical servers. (I know you can go to 2 sec., but it doesn't always keep up with this server) - We switched to Veeam CDP from a competitor that allowed for split writes from the VM. We could have replica copy on secondary storage and another in our DR site. I really like the management console that is available in Veeam. Also, it isn't as "snow flakey" as the other product.

The use case for this feature request is that we want to protect our tier1 machines in our production environment first, on secondary storage, because that is where we would first try and bring a server up in the case of a failure. I need the granularity that CDP provides, but I also need to protect this machine with the same granularity in our DR site. Having the ability to split the write from the journal to 2 separate VMs (one on prem and the other remote) would be awesome! SAN snapshots, Backups, Copy replicas, etc., don't provide the RPO granularity we like with CDP. We could even handle knowing that the remote sight might not be in perfect sync, but that the granularity of the RPOs is still available for failover.

Does anyone else think this would be a helpful addition for their CDP protection strategy?
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Re: [Feature Request] CDP split writes for multi-site protection

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This is the first time we hear this request, if I'm not mistaken. And assuming we had it, you would be unlikely to see the same granularity, cause the processing of committing and synchronizing changes to two different places (with the second being a remote location) would be significantly higher. Thanks!
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